Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

I believe that I ruined something for a couple of coworkers recently.

We were in the break room watching TV and a preview for There Will Be Blood came on.

I instantly say, "That sounds like a talk a mother has with her nine year old daughter."

I know that every single time I see or hear anything about the movie, that's all that IIII can think about now.

I'm sad that WoW is down until 11 am, which is technically the time that I should be going to bed. Not quite sure how well that will work, seeing as I got up at about 5 am today, but as I work at 10 pm tonight.... *shrug*

Still no idea if we're working with our new manager tonight or not. I know that the last I heard, he was scheduled to, but the most I had heard him contacting us about scheduling or anything else was to leave a message for the store manager (who is on vacation until today) to see if he had access codes and keys yet. We shall see. I shall miss the "laughing until we cry" instances we had with Ted and can only hope that New Manager Sean has HALF of the sense of humor that Ted does.

Otherwise, he may dislike Elizabeth and I greatly, uh huh. ;)

Discovered that it was LAST month that I was supposed to start paying my student loans back. Woops. Not like I had the money, anyway.

Stupid money.

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