Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

I was going to file my taxes online. I researched my student stuff (I forgot I was a full time student last year) and with my Hope Credit, I'm set to get back about $1023. Awesome. Unfortunately, something is awry with the IRS website and there's some sort of patch that is going to occur around Feb 11th, which is when I will have to log back on in order to efile.


I still say money is stupid.

Only one more day until my weekend begins. I don't know how I can be so tired, when I slept eleven hours yesterday and eleven hours the day before.

Irritated that Potter Book 4 is not here yet.

Life cereal turns my intestines to water, apparently.

Ate lunch with Elizabeth at Saigon, where I haven't eaten for a VERY long time. The manager used to be very cheery with me all the time, but was gruff with us today. I told Liz that he used to shop at OfficeMax all the time, but maybe he feels awkward because he now shops at Depot.

Was told that with the new year, I can order three more work shirts. Um, hooray?

I'm going to play FFXII now. Mmmmm, Balthier.

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