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"Christians don't make lists.", pt. 1

Here is the first part of a 3 part dream i had with the same theme:

so, i had this dream last night, that i was asked to sing lead for a famous band. I was very excited about this, but the second they hired me, they started setting up for their first show. this alarmed me, as i knew they had been a trio for oh so very long, and had sung their own songs, and i hadn't practiced with them, and didn't want to step on any toes. so, i tried to take charge, in a lead singer sort of way. i squatted down in front of them while they were setting everything up and said "okay, this is what we're going to do. you guys will play without me for the most part tonight, i can sing on a couple of songs that i actually know the words to, since we don't have time to figure anything else out. after the show tonight, we'll start collaborating on new material, as well as delegating the different vocal and harmony parts of the old...." i went on with my listing, and started to say "while you guys are playing, i'll make a list..." although they had looked at me with trepidation so far, everyone froze. the girl turned to me and said politely "i'm a Christian. Christians don't make lists." It all came back to me, about how Christians were forbid to write lists, for some reason, and how dare i be so insensitive?!? i say "okay, i need to write this down, so i don't forget it.. " and stepped off the stage to scrounge for a pencil and paper. they commenced setting up their gear. i started giggling heinously, laughing so hard i was gasping for air. one of them called out 'are you okay over there?" i said between gasping giggles "yes! i'm fine! i'm laughing because i'm making a list about not making lists!!!" and erupted into laughter again. they all started laughing with me, and we became wonderful friends after that.


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