Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

and Food Stamp Shuffle!

Corporate visit from today didn't seem to go TOO badly - both Store Manager Kirk and District Manager Mike were in jolly good moods, at least. I accomplished much back in my cage, though I still have oh so much to do. OH CRAP, I just remembered that I'm being audited on Tuesday - tomorrow is Freight Day, and Tuesday will be the next day that I'm scheduled to work.

Went to Olive Garden after work with Elizabeth, where we had good laughs and great foods.

As we were leaving, I noticed that a car had parked too close to her car for me to be able to get in. (I wonder how the hell the driver even got OUT.) Therefore, she had to back out for me to get in.

Me: Egads, as if I didn't already feel like a big of enough fat ass after eating all that food!
Liz: Please, honey, I couldn't even have fit in there with a tuna can!
We both start laughing hysterically.
Me: Tuna ... can?
Liz: I meant with a can opener!!!
Me: Tuna can... is that what YOU call your nonny? Yeah, me and my tuna can couldn't fit in there!

Also, yays for income tax returns coming in, woo! Bills will be paid. OH YES! Bills WILL be paid.

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