Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

Went to bed immediately after my last post, finished book six of Harry Potter, started book seven, and rolled over to fall asleep shortly thereafter.

It's now 830 pm and I cannot freaking sleep, though I had taken Benedryl with a splash of beer. I couldn't stop sweating (I need to buy a flipping fan - are they even sold in February?) and sniffing and having stupid Potter curses and spells flash through my head. A couple of times, I was almost asleep, and I thought I heard a voice say my name in a commanding manner. After waking up and listening hard, it occurred to me that the voice had been Manager Sean's.


I also felt like poo, and I realized that I haven't had anything to eat other than some girl scout cookies and beer since 9 this morning. So now I am up, taking more Benedryl, and eating toast, while watching Scrubs to try to get the Potter jerk out of my head.

I think I overdid it, really - reading the books every night before bed and watching the movies - Sorcerer's Stone yesterday and Chamber of Secrets today. It didn't help that such PIVOTAL things happened at the end of book six.

Makes me extremely pleased that I refrained from reading any spoilers.

And do NOT even THINK of talking to me about anything in book seven yet. I will kill you.
Tags: allergies, books

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