Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

This KOIN news segment brought to you by Bruce Cheverolet

I was thinking of Asian buffet for lunch tomorrow, downtownish Vancouver? Say... 'round one pm ish? And then maybe a dinner at... say.. TGIFridays on Friday?

I dunno. It seems like the older I get, the more absurd and selfish of a tradition it seems to want to ask people to drop everything and come celebrate ME. On the other hand, it seems sort of nice to have an excuse to demand so many people I love dearly to get together - because I said so.

I dunno. If I feel tomorrow anything like I feel this morning, or felt all day yesterday, I almost think I would be content to stay in my pajamas and not move. I also feel more than a bit cut off from civilization as I haven't left the house once - even to check the mail - since coming (I shall pause here to sneeze five times in a row, snuff loudly, and blow my nose) home from the doctor's on Friday. I really should bathe.

I also desperately need to get together with scrumbles sometime this week so that we can go over harmony parts - come UP with harmony parts - for his loverly set list for our April 5th show at the Aladdin Theater. I also keep meaning to check into all the zillions of places in the Vancouver area that we can play, now that we're not burdened by underage band members.

Though I'm certain that my singing voice - and hearing - are not up to part because of this PLAGUE I have. If I haven't stated it a million times before, my eustacean tube doesn't drain properly, so whenever I'm stuffy or sick like this, I have partial hearing loss in my left ear. Oh, and with regards to replies to my last post about bottom sickness - I'm not on antibiotics. The doc just prescribed me a med to help with the dizziness, which I've been taking on and off since Saturday, and yesterday was the first day that I had THAT little problem.

And WoW is down this morning and I want to ding 50 already, dagnabbit!

Shooting at a Portland campus yesterday? Wow. No one was hurt or hit, thank goodness.

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