Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

Come hungry... leave happy.

Work went well today, I got lots accomplished. I felt quite loved with how much everyone thanked me and said that they were happy on many levels that I was back from vacation. Manager Sean told me that he has an entirely new appreciation for the work that I do, and is amazed that I'm ever able to accomplish anything at all. I had calls from two stores asking me how to do things, saying that they were told that I was the best in the district by their store managers, and that they should wait until I returned from vacation to be able to get the best information. I also had our old store manager, Rick, call from his store in Tigard, asking if I would be willing to work an overnight at his store, in order to help him get his receiving area in order for the upcoming Big Evil Visits. I said that I still don't have a car and am maxed for hours for this weekend. He said that he would be willing to pay for all of my overtime, drive all the way from Tigard to pick me up, and provide me with ANY food that I may want, + drink, and drive me back. This made me feel beyond honored, as I live about as far as you possibly can from his store and still be in the NW US district, and gas is a PAAAIN.

So, basically, I work from 4 am to noon on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, then get picked up by Rick Saturday night at 930 pm and work until 6 am or later on Sunday, every tick in overtime. I then get about 24 hours to sleep, then go back to work at 4 am on Monday, to begin my entire week early (due to the Big Evil Visit.) Sometime during all of this, I desperately need to get some time with Ben to practice for our April 5th show ALADDIN THEATER, PORTLAND, APRIL 5, 730 PM (I THINK) TICKETS $10 IN ADVANCE, $12 AT DOOR, BUT WE WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU COMING AND BUYING TICKETS BEFORE!!!! But I'll be working 4 am to noon, Monday through Friday next week, and our Big Rock Show will be on Saturday. Nervous much? Oh, hells yes.

I also want to learn to play the bass more. I'm totally falling in love with distorted bass, such as the deliciousness that is played in Muse and Ben Folds Five. I OWN a bass, but it's at my dad's in Iowa, you see.

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