Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

you know, i came to the realization of something just now:

I haven't kissed anyone since March 15th.

Unless, of course, you count a quick peck on the lips of my friend Patrick, which, to me, hardly counts. I mean that the last time I REALLY kissed a boy, was March 15th.

It was at my happy hour that I met Rusty. In retrospect, Rusty is a drunken, violent idiot. But at the time, he served my purposes well, regarding parading him in front of my ex boyfriend in a plot and ploy to make him jealous (it worked. childish i know, but it worked.).

Course, that little 'prize' won, I'm regretful of that night, as Rusty was extremely rude and had violent tendencies towards my friends. But, I was drunk. VERY drunk. It was my birthday party, damnit, and i would kiss whoeverthehell i wanted to.

and did.

*sigh* yet another reason why i don't drink anymore.

sex, you ask? not since mid february this year. and you know what? i don't miss it.

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