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Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

Bonnie? I'm Martin.

Two thumbs up for the Stephen Colbert Americone Dream ice cream. It's still one of the few things I can eat at this point in the healing process.

I ended up in SO MUCH FREAKING PAIN last night. Jess and Dan had headed to the beach on the river after dropping off my prescription, as the guy said it would take an extremely long time for them to fill it. Jess told me to call if the pain became unbearable, but I am NOT the type of person who will make demands of another person in situations like that. Thankfully, they got home about 15 minutes before Walgreens closed, so I got my Vicodin. Holy Moses, the sheer relief that hit when it finally kicked in! I was afraid of over medicating, and Jess made me sleep with my cell phone next to my bed so that I could call him should I need anything. I sat up and read (more Feist/Wurts) until it kicked in and I was convinced that I wasn't going to have a heart attack, then sent him a text message saying, "I'm feeling much better and will be okay. Thanks, little brother."

He gets to do the iv sedation thing today - lucky him! I was about 3/4 into a story I was telling him and Daniel about how the iv tech got instructions on how to put an iv in a hand from the instructor AS IF HE HAD NEVER DONE IT BEFORE. They had given me Halcion instead of the Ambien.. which didn't relax me at all. After the iv guy got his instructions, it took him almost a full minute of prying the needle into my hand. As he went to hook up the iv tube, I felt the liquid flow freely over my knuckles. He said, "Woops! I always do that." The assistant handed him gauze to wipe it up. As he handed it back to throw it away, I saw that it was my blood he was wiping up, not iv solution.

I was also almost completely awake for the entire proceedure and felt the horrible bone crushing pressure that the doc put on my jaw as he was prying them out. I also stared in horror as they sewed up the holes.

I do love the dentist people, though, they're all super nice.

My jaw is super stiff today, and I've been eating mostly soft foods - melon, jello, ice cream, soggy pizza rolls ^_^ They recommended that I chew gum, too, which I thought ludicrous, but it actually does help relax the jaw quite a bit. I hate the constant sensation of something stuck between my teeth and cheek in the back - like a chunk of food or something. It's my stitches. Yum.

Freaking hot today.
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