Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

We are very excited to be playing our first show at Portland's legendary Satyricon. This historic rock club is located conveniently downtown at 125 NW 6th Ave,and will be hosting the most luminous Mercury Tree show yet. The showis all-ages -- but alcohol will be available to those 21 and over.

You can order tickets online! They'll be at the will-call. It's so easy.
Ticket link here: http://mercurytree.net
The show also features Parallel X, Illustrations, and Angels of Avalon.

Mention this email and get a free CD at the show. We are giving outmini-CDs featuring brand-new never before heard material from ourupcoming full-length album, Iridescent. Come to the Satyricon and getyour hands on it. Then wrap your ears around it.

We've posted a new song, Charred Mess! You can listen to it at the website!

Everyone who comes to our show gets a free hug! You pick your bandmember to redeem it with. We do ask, no tongue please. But we stilllove you.

Thank you always for listening.

-Ben & Aubrey / The Mercury Tree

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