Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

The wisdom teeth area is still healing. Something odd is happening, though - as gross as it sounds, there suddenly seems to be tiny black holes appearing in the area and getting larger - almost as if the stitches are not holding or something. This makes me nervous about eating and thusly getting things caught where they don't belong. When we went out to do birthday roamings yesterday, we went to a baguette place (Best Baguette, perhaps?) and I did the Awful Evil Thing You Must Not Do After Tooth Extraction - I drank through a straw. There was bubble tea!! I had totally forgotten my solemn oath to do no such thing until I was halfway through my delicious cup and my brother pointed it out to me. I'm hoping, now, that this isn't what is contributing to the whole EW thing happening at the back of my mouth.

We are now the proud owners of Rock Band(tm). We stayed up until the weeeee hours of the morning playing the thing. The ever lovely dispossessed and thrillkisser came over and showed us whot's whot on the geetar. I'm beyond in love with the drums, though - WEEEE! I'm certain that scrumbles will be proud that we have it and will send me to do my "homework" by playing it - my rhythm has always sucked giant rotten ballz. I'm thinking that becoming an expert on it will help me greatly in this arena? stanieldaniel rocks at the vocals, woo!

Performed surgery on a dying Bacci ball. She has this toy - a ball with leopard print - that she has literally loved to death. Who knows where the jingle bell went... I found pieces of stuffing all over the living room floor this morning and saw her rolling around lovingly with the leftover carcass. I put the stuffing back in it, stole some styrofoam ball restuffing stuff for the old bean bag chair in the closet, and put my sad sewing skills to use. Bacci was extremely worried throughout the whole process and was climbing all over the place, trying to figure out what the hell I was doing to her beloved toy. After it was fixed, she happily played with it for about ten minutes and is now curled into a ball in the middle of the living room floor sleeping it off.
Tags: bacci, dentist, games

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