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and for any of you that may think of accusing me of thinking badly against short boys...

(don't ask why i'm thinking this...i truly am not paranoid that you will all be perched shortly (no pun intended) out on my lawn with torches and pitchforks, ready to fry me for my refusal to date someone shorter than me.)

my last boyfriend was 6'2", sure. the two guys i was seeing before that were 5'6" and 5'5", respectively (i'm 5'7", for anyone that forgot, and i wear me some biiiig shoes... whiiiich is what made it so easy to fall in the airport... but no heels. never heels. i'm a heely weenie.).

i'm apparantly boooored today, and so completely do not feel like doing anything. *le sigh* i don't even know what i'm doing for thanksgiving tomorrow. i know there's a buffy marathon on fx. truthfully? i don't feel like DOING anything, and wouldn't be overly upset if i were left alone the entire day, just doing aubrey things on aubrey time. no family in arizona.. sure, i miss them, but i truly do not feel like doing the 'someone else's family thing' yet again (which is what i've done for every single last Christmas Day, Easter Day, Thanksgiving Day, Groundhogs Day, Schnitzel Day, so on and so forth), no offense to the families that i have spent it with in the past. i appreciate you allowing me to witness your family's quirks and foibles. but i could just sit happily at home, thank the Powers that Be for having a roof over my head (still), compose some music (finally), and possibly, could it be?... CLEAN. yes, folks, i'm convinced i have a kitchen counter, i remember seeing it once. i'm also convinced i just may have an entrance into my closet, too... i'm still doing research on that one, though. will the carpet color still be the same? are the clothes blocking a vortex into another world? i may never know.

but, the boss lady is out today... i'm HOPING that every american doesn't feel like calling for last minute freaking plans (they'll save that until friday, when we have like 2 people here, i'm sure.). so, um.. someone wanna talk? wanna keep me company? wanna keep me entertained?


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