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I would so love to go to sleep right now, but it being the 4th of July and the fact that my bedroom window overlooks a park means that I will get zero sleep until about midnight. Instead, I shall play my lvl 6 Orc Shaman (name: Celery) on Lothar and watch Heathers for the first time ever.

I also watched Mirror Mask for the first time. I can't remember which of you recommended it to me, but it was great fun.

Work was swell - instead of accomplishing as much as I could - being slow for the holiday - I instead hung around with Elizabeth and bitched about other coworkers. (One or two in particular.)

I had my 2nd meeting with my trainer at the gym - Jeffrey kicked my upper ass, he did. No matter what direction I move my arms, it hoits, it hoits! I keep forgetting that I worked the crap out of my abs, too... until I sneeze... or cough... or laugh loudly.
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