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Someone should come play WoW with me, Horde side on Lothar!!!

Today marked the first day of my mini vacation. I called in to talk to Jeremy to see if there was any questions he might have and to explain some stuff that had been left in certain places and what projects are being worked on by whom. I was informed by a frantic Lorena that two of the four people scheduled for the entire day called in, and that it was just herself, Jeremy, and James (the only person they could call in.) I told her that what I needed wasn't that important, hung up, ordered pizza to be delivered to the store, changed into my superhero uniform, and went in to help. I arrived about five minutes before the pizza - they were happy to see us both! (I hope...) Alan ended up there as well, so it hadn't been as dire of a situation as I had thought, but still...

Music on the overhead, for the most part, is stuff that has ended up on my mp3 player: Keane, Ben Folds, Death Cab, Better Than Ezra, etc. Shortly after I got there, Sheryl Crow's "Every Day is a Winding Road" came on, followed by Hanson's "Mmm Bop". I made a few comments about it over the radio, saying that it was very Jackson 5-ey, and that I only know who sings that song because I have a gay brother, "Not that he's into prepubescent boys, but because it's super poppy." About ten minutes later, after two random songs were played, the same Sheryl Crow song came on, immediately followed by Hanson. Two more random songs came on, followed by the same freaking Sheryl Crow song AGAIN, and - yes - Hanson. Some glitch in the radio satellite caused Store 0255 to be stuck in Hanson Hell, for a period of about two hours. Stab, much?

I have my last hour long session with my personal trainer tomorrow at 10 am, for a lower body workout. I'm looking forward to and dreading it terribly.

I really need to have a real vacation from work - and soon - before I hit critical mass. SRSLY, just about everything at work sends me into a bitching tirade anymore.



Jul. 7th, 2008 03:39 am (UTC)
Everyone needs a vacation, I'll tell you what, you and I will trade places! Haha if only it were that easy. We've been listening to my music at work for a bit and after going from Lamb of god to Bjork, to Slipknot and Bach everyone knows my music taste is wide ranging if not a bit... unique.

At least work now doesn't include an idiot that should be pulling weight :D

Yes this was a few different comment strung into an incoherrant reply, no I don't have anything important to say.



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