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something else hit me today, sitting around that table with the norman rockwell family:

i haven't been with my family for Thanksgiving in ten years.

not for a DECADE, have i had my mother's cooking over Thanksgiving, not since 1992. 1993 found me away at school in June, never to return.

that's a lonely thought.

i was able to come home from school over Christmas a few times, so i think that it's only been 8 years since i opened presents with my family Christmas morning.

Jess, i know you're reading this, please know that you and mom are in my thoughts and my heart, and that i miss both of you very much. I think that this year, for some reason, it's much harder to be away from you two.

I love you. *she says as she wipes tears from her eyes*

+ addendum - note to self: if you start feeling teary eyed, take OFF your eye make up BEFORE anything spills.

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