Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

so, i go to get gas en route to work this morning, around 645 am. i pull into the circle k, pop my card in the 'toaster', put the gas thingie into the other gas thingie, and start pumping the gas. i'm standing there, arms crossed in front of me, as it's a tad cold (and raining, besides). from the front of my vehicle, from around the side of the gas thing, this little guy (i say 'little' because he MIGHT have come to my chest. MIGHT.), edges around the corner, arms crossed in front of him. he stares at me incredulously, as he looks me up and down like a horse with a limp that someone is trying to sell him as a prize winner. i nervously smile and nod hello. his expression doesnt change, but he gives one tight nod, looks at the front of my jeep and peers inside, looking it up and down and back and forth, then turns back to me, and glares suspiciously out of the corner of his eye, as he edged back around to his car, giving me one more cursory look-over.

i edged to the other side of my car, where everyone could see me.

i love living in central phoenix.

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