Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

A happy birthday to a talented, handsomely sexeh musician, needfulthings!

A happy birthday to one of my favorite drunken conversation companions, machmed!!

Kicking it homey style (?!) whilst waiting for gaeba to pick me up for our Seattle day trip. Excitement!

The dentist went well. Uhm.. I just went in for a routine cleaning, so, yup. Apparently, I have amazingly healthy and wonderful and strong teeth for a 33 year old girl. I learned that there are two types of bacteria that invade your mouth: the acidic kind, which attacks your teeth and causes all sorts of tooth decay, and the non-acidic, that attacks your gums. I have the gum kind, which is why my gums are still slightly angry, though I brush and floss daily. She recommended that I start playing with toothpicks, too. I get to go back for another cleaning in three months - three month intervals until my crazy gums are under control.

This, of course, makes it sound as if I have oozy, disgusting, flame-filled, circus-hating, neve cambell-watching, green-spotted gums. This is certainly not the case. They're just a little.. pinker than they should be.

Had a dream that Bill Corbett died. The world was sad. I ran into Mary Jo Pehl, who said she had a surprise for me, but I had to guess what it was. Turns out, there was one more episode of MST3K that had never been filmed, and they needed me to stand in. I was terribly nervous, you see, as I felt that I could never be witty in the presence of such... witties. Thank goodness, they had a script! They just scratched out every place where it said "Bill" or "Crow" and penciled in "Aubrey" with a blunt #2.

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