Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

The thing I hate about returning to work after a lengthy absence is the realization that you have NO idea where you left x, y, OR z. What all do I need? I suppose I should take my Vicodin, just in case. Lunch would be good. Mp3 player... ooh, CASH for the bus! Almost forgot that...

Bacci is positively overflowing with purrs and attention demands this morning.

We're getting a new fridge!! This apartment has had a rotating cast of characters since faetal, dispossessed, and jadisan moved in almost eight years ago. Thankfully, other than the carpet, it doesn't look like someone has lived here that long. We've received a new stove and dishwasher during this time (coupla years ago) but have been told that we wouldn't be receiving a replacement for our half frozen/half drooling/non self defrosting refridgerator. FINALLY, they agreed to give us a new one. Granted, we haven't been overly pushy on the matter, mostly a half-hearted nudge about once a year. I got to take down the zillions of magnets on there, including all the lovely phrases made by our magnet poetry pieces (including some from the Simpsons) that had been left by roomates of days of yore. Down came one that I will one day take a picture of to use as an icon - "Stop, I have angry clown hate" along with other gems, such as "Marge taste good", "I clever.", "Eat fell paste", and "Suck sucky suck chew eat chew barf lick suck".

Sigh. I suppose I should get my things together and trudge to work to throw the freight, as I need to be there in 35 minutes, and it takes me about 25 to walk there.

Bah, humbug.

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