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razor sharp moonlight 'cross the wooden floor...

i did finally get with joe. it was a wonderful moment of reflection, to be able to sit with such a good friend, someone that has been my friend for over half my life. we reflected on where we came from, where we are going, and thoughts and dreams about getting there.

he told me that i seemed... at peace.. with myself for the first time that he's ever seen. after some thought, i explained that yes, i DO think i'm at peace with myself, other than finances, of course, and other than the fact that i'm floundering regarding which spiritual path to take. but, yes, i'm at peace.

i got my first batch today in a long time of that stuff that people call "ex sers eyez", when nutty and i walked from just south of dunlap to just north of bethany home, down on central avenue. it was a spiritual experience for me, as it's been so long since i've done anything 'quality' outside. i had fun. the leaves falling off the trees, the fresh air, walking near the beautiful homes i could never dream of affording..

at least, i'm certain that i'll be thankful until tomorrow or the next day, when my legs will be utterly useless, because of the pain, seeing as they already hurt tonight. it'll be one of those experiences that your legs hurt so bad, that all you can do is position yourself where you HOPE the toilet is, and then let your legs fly out under you, because they hurt to much to even do the slow decent onto the seat, boy howdee.

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