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It just occurred to me what an amazing group of people I have on my friends list.

I have such strong individuals - who have experienced such things that would crush many people and not only risen to the occasion, but also overcome and survived to fight another day. People enduring cancer, illness of dear ones, the heartache of losing things they held close. You've helped me to not only see that Bad Things happen, but that there is a strength of the human spirit to help us endure.

I have talented individuals - many fabulous musicians, guitarists, opera singers, songwriters... photographers, comic creators, painters. Artistic MacGuyvers and ninjas of yarn. You've shown me that a beauty in creativity exists and on many levels. As I'm not an overly creative person myself (I've come to terms that I'm a person that thrives and creates more on logic than creativity) but can greatly appreciate the arts. I live vicariously through all the beauty you create.

I have individuals who have appeared on Wheel of Fortune and Dirty Jobs.

I have highly intelligent individuals who make me scritch my head and long for being able to have such conversations with others. You make me truly wonder what I would be like, had I actually focused on learning throughout my lifetime, instead of learning only if I HAD to. I know that I'm smart - I was almost skipped ahead a grade, but it had been decided that I would thrive with people my age - but never wanted to apply myself. Okay, this portion got off on a tangent...

I have intuitive individuals who exist more on a spiritual existence, if that makes sense.

Basically, I'm blessed for knowing every one of you. Thank you for being! I'm more for meeting you, and your individual life stories never cease to amaze me.

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