Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

Conglomeration response post #3

breakofdawn - Yay for being on the ball! If only people told each other more often when they thought they were doing a good job.

attaining - That is one of my greatest quotes of all time. I just may gank it to plop down into my user info page. Something we can all remember.

badrahessa - I'm sending you so much love and support. Almost thick enough to carry in a bucket!

jp7 - Even regular milk skeeves me out because of where it comes from! I also couldn't stomach My Chemical Romance, though I used to say the same thing about a few other bands that I listen to (*coughFallOutBoyDONTJUDGEMEahem*)

view_from_here - Your work place has such a beautiful aura, with the risk of sounding silly.

petals_of_blue - Um.. did you intend to end your post like that? "wha-" You're welcome to borrow my nonexistent NERF bat for the lady.

achariya - +CHA for the win!! I also like to toss down some +STR drink (coffee) before venturing out into the Big Bad World.

keresaspa - You must do everything within your power to keep that man filled with common sense and courtesy. COOKIES! THANK YOU CARD!! BEAR HUG!! Too many "public servants" lose the compassion and begin to not care about their jobs. Bleh.

eatsoylentgreen - Whenever I return to college, I'm torn beween learning French, Spanish (the logical one), German, and Japanese.

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