Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

so, i went out sat night... it was one of those nights where you feel like everything you do or say is golden. i love nights like that, where you feel energized, everyone laughs at your idiotic jokes as if it's the best thing they ever heard... i couldn't decide what to sing, so i tossed in the Time Warp (which kinda pissed peyton off, and he sulked in his seat instead of singing along, cept the talking parts), and Rick Springfield's "jessie's girl", which was FUN to sing >:D only points of embarrassment was when i was getting WAY into a go go dance along with peyton's singing "can't get enough of you" by smash mouth and getting 'the look' from the waitress cuz she was waiting for me to sign for my tab... and then the same 'look' from the taco bell drive through guy, when i was displaying to peyton what had happened with same said go go dance.

and peyton, if you're reading this, two words: Moose. Hat.

anyhoo. so it's 61 degrees outside today, and they still have the air conditioning on full blast. i'm swathed in a thick winter coat, and my toes hurt. bleh.

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