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Am so very ready to be DONE with this illness, whatever it is. No strength, headache from hades, stuffiness - where the ear is stuffed up enough that you can almost hear your breathing and swallowing inside your head, if that makes sense.

Missed the presidential debates last night (I think I was giving some dumb chuckles at That 70s Show and Friends instead - woops), but from what I hear, Obama did well in the fact that he kept talking about the people while McCain kept talking about policies. I also heard Obama's take on abortion - a news commentator said that this was the first time he has ever seen anyone take the middle of the road on the issue.

Since it only comes around once every four years, I forget how stressful the presidential election is.

Gimme some office supply names for my three new pets in WoW, plz. I've already used Stapler, WhiteOut, LetterOpener... One is a worm, one a chamaera, and one a core hound (two headed dog) if that helps...
Tags: election, health, illness, wow

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