Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

Down came the reign of a telephone czar, it's okay to call...

Day four of The Cold of Evil. I think I may be slipping out from under its grasp, though it's hard to tell from all these buckets of snot being removed from my nose. After this angry cloud of pressure lifts, I will then be able to tell if the two weeks of headaches leading up to it was, indeed, sinus pressure or whatnot.

Making sentences is hard.

Dreamed last night that I was playing keyboards in a band. We sang a couple of really weird and dull songs (that I didn't know) while on stage at The Crystal Ballroom. (For those of you not in the Portland area or who have never been to The Crystal, it's a decent sized venue with a VERY springy floor, on the... third floor? where the stage and crowd area is. I saw Guster/Nada Surf and The Kooks/The Whigs there. When the crowd starts moving around at all, the floor turns into a mini trampoline because of it, which is alarming to some people.) and then I came out from behind the keyboard and ROCKED this song with every fiber of my being:

The stage was the springy part, though, and I flew and flopped all over the place and the crowd went wild! I was pleased to see the lead singer from Guster in the crowd, he was the most enthusiastic! Unfortunately, after that song, I couldn't remember words or parts to any other songs, so I got down and roamed around. There was a tall, lanky red head guy that I thought I heard call my name. Looking at him, I thought his name was Ben. He waved me over and asked if I knew who he was. He said that he used to hang out on some message boards somewhere a long time ago, but totally remembered me. I asked who he was, and he said "Does the name Jason SLAAAAAMMIN' mean anything to you?" I acted excited and remembered him, but his demeanor made me nervous. At first glance, he looked like he was 18, but looking closer, you could see that he was a sad man in his 30s trying desperately to recapture his youth. I joked that he made me feel short, (which rarely happens for me and my 5'7"ish frame) and went to take off. I rounded the corner and came across two men talking about the latest EverQuest expansion pack and how they couldn't decide to play that or WoW. I started giving them the reasons why I would play WoW - hell, it's been out how many years and is only coming out with its second expansion pack, instead of two a year at $30 each? ;) I knew that I should be helping the band break down, but I couldn't find them anywhere leading up to this conversation, so I kept talking about the pros of WoW vs. EQ.

I woke up with a feeling that I DID, in fact, remember Jason Slammin'. I .. do not.
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