Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

Suddenly, on this show, a little dance step here and there....

Dreamed last night of a trip to Turkey, which in my sleeping brain was much more like Saudi Arabia. When we landed, we were handed water bottles. A man that was next to me handed me a 2nd one in secret. A balding man started yelping to the instuctor/leader person "What happens if someone allows their water to drip?" "Why, they get sent to prison for such a waste!!" The man (after looking him up, it was Oded Fehr) was instantly wrestled to the ground and beaten and dragged away. I then made it my life plan to go undercover and find him and save him for the kindness he showed me.

I started going from village to village in my search. I knew that a long time had passed, but I would not give up. As I was leaving a dusty bar, Charlie, Dan, Frank, and Scott showed up in the doorway. "ANTHRAX?!?" I said, "What on earth are YOU doing in Turkey?!?" "We're here for the beer!" said one. "..and the hookers!" said another.

Later, I found an animated picture of Death Cab and hung it lovingly on the wall. In my roaming, I came across a notebook with a lot of pencil writing in it. I knew instantly that it was something deeply personal, something that I shouldn't read. I looked up, and Ben Gibbard came over and picked it up from the table. He looked extremely.... emo. I realized that he had been part of my life for quite awhile now, and I was madly in love with him, though I was certain he barely knew I existed. I avoided eye contact, as I said, "Ben, can I talk to you about something?" His attention was suddenly 100% on me, which made me fidget. "There are times that the heart wants to ask something, but your brain is afraid to... but you know in your soul you must, so that you don't live your life wondering 'what if?'..." I began to tell him how I felt.

I never heard his response, as I woke up after sharing my heart.
Tags: dreams

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