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I went there indifferent...

I came out a believer.

Wow. Just... wow.

Trent really got it down in making the concert an EXPERIENCE, not just a situation of... well.. five guys strumming and singing and hopping around a lot.

I was also surprised to see that Trent Reznor has some serious GUNS. He looks like he can bench press cattle. SRSLY. PHENOMENAL drummer, too. Some serious stamina.

The linky above will take you to a video that will show you the how and why of their recent concert experience, and shows why on earth I thought the keyboardist was playing an Etch-a-Sketch.

There were xylophones, percussion instruments galore, and even a banjo. Never in my life did I ever expect to say "I went to a Nine Inch Nails concert", let alone be able to follow that statement with the words "and the guitarist plays a mean BANJO."

Thanks so much to Chad for inviting me - it was awesome tawesome to get to sit in leather seats with beer and binoculars and ... annoying freaking jerks that put their three or four year old on their shoulders, blocking the whole thing. I mean, can a four year old really appreciate such a thing? Thankfully, they weren't always standing up and in the way.

The opening "band"... no freaking idea who they even were. It was a DJ with a lady rapper type person? After their (thankfully) short show was over, a guy behind me said "Did they just pick them up down on MLK on the way in? Hey, you! Give me your best rastafarian impression! That's good enough, let's go!"

I thought I had other things to add or some fantabulous way to end this post, but.....

...it's sleepy time.


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Dec. 8th, 2008 08:26 am (UTC)
You forgot to explain about the raindrops and static and ink blots and...
Dec. 8th, 2008 08:40 am (UTC)
I WANT TO GO TO THE VEGAS SHOW, DAMMIT!!! *cries* it's on the 13th an a friend had a ticket for me, i just needed to get there.. but my face is likely to explode in a bloody mess from the pressure of flight.

i couldn't go to tonight's show in Portland because i'm housebound.. a friend of mine went, i hate both you and him.

i'm sad to hear that Trent regained the He Man muscles.. he looked almost *normal* when i saw him in.. July (i think), at the beginning of the tour.

someday i want to MEET him, dammit :(
Dec. 8th, 2008 02:21 pm (UTC)
You're keeping in step with the times
I saw NIN on the "Year Zero" tour in 2007, and they put on a fantastic show. Trent's in much better physical shape now than he was back in their '90s heyday, when he was all drugged up. Now he looks like he could kick Henry Rollins' ass, which is no mean feat.

I admire Trent for sticking to his guns both physically and artistically, such as releasing free music to the fans, selling direct from his site, etc. Glad to hear you liked the show.
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