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Hard to tell: good news or bad news?

So apparently the opening "band" was The Bug. I'm sure they have plenty of fans, but to have them open for NIN? I find that a bit.. odd. As they were playing, instead of using my binoculars to watch them, I watched the reaction of the crowd. Other than one or two people, the entire arena had an expression on their face as if "WTF?!?" Having had the experience of being an (unknown and unwelcome) opening band for a headliner that everyone is there to see (re: Riverpool) I sympathize with them; however...

During one of the songs, the woman was screaming to everyone to repeat after her. Unfortunately, no one I talked to could figure out what the hell she was saying. Uncle? Encore? macmanchad thought she was saying iPod. When she first came onto the stage, I was all for her being a... fluffy woman. Carry on, my plus-sized sister! But when it hit a point where she was - I can only think this was it - imitating a massive orgasm - for a long time - on stage... oh no, sweety.

Every time I see a live show, I fervently wish that scrumbles was there with me, to critique and share in things.

I'm a hungry baby. Must find fooooood.
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