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Your life. Your car. Connected.

Me: Hey, Jeremy, I dreamed about you last night!
Jeremy: Ooooh, reeeeeally?!?
Me: Yes, you got my friend pregnant.


Me: I feel like I've been punched in the neck.
Jeremy: Why?
Christoph: *walking by* I punched her in the neck.


I have suuuuch a horrible crick in my neck. It's troo. I have no idea why I sat up and rated movies on Netflix instead of going to bed.

I love how much people up here freak out when there's snow in the forecast. I'm just sad because I might need to actually close my bedroom window because of the cold. That, and the fact that we're supposed to have high winds, massive rain, and very much coldness right at the time I'll be walking home from work.


In full moon news.. Mr Customer Man, I was about to be nice to you and allow you to use your coupon early (it was dated for use between 12/28 and 1/24) but because you threw a tantrum like an eight year old, I decided to go By the Book for that AND the stupid Office Depot coupon you shoved at me in a huff. I'm certain that Depot will do the same thing when you try to buy your ink there with their coupon that clearly states it's not usable with it.


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