Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

and my DREAMS last night. there was a horrid multi car pile up, and i was standing in the middle of it.. whereever i turned, there were dead bodies and injured people lying around. i remember seeing a lady passed out on a seat that had been taken from the car, and her eye had been gouged out by a big piece of glass. there were innards everywhere... i ran to get my brother, so he could see it (cuz for some reason, in my dream, i thought it was cool.), but by the time we got back, the sherriff wouldn't let us past the road block, saying it wasn't something we needed to see, because of how horrible it was. i then came to a realization as to what i was trying to expose jessie to, and how dare i? the whole weight of the situation and the horridness of it came crushing down on me..

then i scampered off merrily to do something else (but can't remember what). i had forgotten about the dream, until i heard on a radio about traffic being backed up in tempe for something (rush hour traffic, probably), and then i listened closer, trying to hear more about that accident that was by my house.

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