Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

Thank you, Andrea dearest, for showing me the way!

Yay, my first shipment of organic food arrived!

Included in the box:

- 2 GIANT leeks
- 2 apples (fugi)
- 2 apples (granny)
- 2 pears
- 2 tangerines
- broccoli
- 4 fingerling potatoes
- 1 onion
- 2 turnips
- Italian kale
- collard greens
- garlic
- radishes
- fresh parsley

I also added on:

- rice milk
- tofu

Certainly not a bad batch for the $27 I paid (and for mostly locally grown and all organic produce? Rawk. Not to mention the convenience of having it brought to me and not having to shop - HAAATE shopping!! I haaaates it!!!) The tofu and rice milk were additional, but not more than I would have spent at a store for them.

So now I have some stuff that I know what to do with (like fruits and potatoes) but I have never prepared turnips in my life (possibly never eaten one). I also never would have known the kale if they weren't labled, and have never held a raw collard green in my life. (I may have tried a bit of them once.) I'm quite excited about the possibilities and knowing that I'll at least get SOME fruits and veggies into me, vs the almost none I have been getting (I have been doing my grocery shopping at Target since the grocery store by my work moved away, which was in April) and... well.... I need some suggestions.

I hate cooking, for the most part, and like things that are super easy, preferably take only one pan/dish to make.

I also had to do some swift looking up as to how to even STORE the things. Now it's past my bedtime and I have to baggy stuff up and stuff.

Not overly familiar with rice milk, either. I use soy the majority of the time (I can actually get a chilled carton at Target, in two flavors!) but haven't felt like the "soy" taste. Regular milk disgusts the hell out of me, and I won't drink it solo - sure, I'll have it in a latte or somesuch, and other dairy products like cheese (which is gross, but I can get past it for some reason and rarely eat that as it is) and ice cream.

Wow, I'm loving the parentheses today.

It's so bedtime.

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