Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

If you want to pick up the cab fare, I'll make sure you get a room for the night.

Lori from my work called - they're super short handed and no one wants to leave work in this weather, so she wanted to know how I order pizza for them when we do Papa John's for the crew. I ordered pizzas for them here online while yammering to her on the phone about soup, slackers, and krazy kitty. (Bacci has been OMG super hyper all day.) I laughed that they're making someone drive out to feed them in this crap - I hope she tips well!

And now I want pizza. Instead I shall finish this tangerine I started eating an hour ago.

She said that almost all the stores around them have closed. PetSmart is calling to ask us if we're closing, as they can close if we do, and OMX is calling Target for the same reason. Everything may not open tomorrow - everything is supposed to super ice over tonight. The DM is saying that the store will close over his dead body. It's argued that management might not be able to drive there tomorrow, as conditions are supposed to worsen. He replied that SOME manager will be able to make it. I told Lori that if no one else can make it to call me and I'll walk my ass in, resulting in either overtime or another day off later. I don't mind so much.

Apparently, all flights in and out of Portland have been canceled, too.

I'm using today to go through OnDemand to watch anything currently in my Netflix queue so that I can clear it out some. First was Aliens 3, then The DaVinci Code, and now Trains, Planes, and Automobiles. Oh, hai, Kevin Bacon! (...never seen this movie.)

Highly irritated that I got a loaf of bread from WinCo and two days later, there was a fruit fly crawling around at the back of it, though we have zero in the house and the package had never been opened. I was quite excited about my seedy filled bread, and now I'm wondering if I should trust the one currently sitting in the freezer.

Anyone bored and want to make me some icons?

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