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My boss was lying in a pool of blood, I guess I wasn't thinking of myself.

And what do I get for my pain?
Betrayed desires, and a piece of the game

Quite pissed at myself. Rent was due today, I had the money orders sitting on my freaking desk.... and forgot to drop them off. I remember seeing them this morning at like noon, and thinking that I would have Jess drop them off when he stepped outside to smoke or some such.

But I forgot, and it was due at 430pm today. A very nice $75 woops on my part, an extra $75 I don't necessarily have lying around. After a nice five year stretch of not being late even once.


Edit: Now it's after 11 pm and I work at 7 - no idea why I'm still up. I decided to watch The Golden Compass (I love how my PS2 made me reset the parental level to the highest level for the movie, and there wasn't a drop of blood. Violence to a point, but to give it the same rating as Kill Bill? Come ON.) and dinked around to figure out if any of my old band loves have come out with new albums (The Fratellis, yes. OK Go? Aprilish. Better Than Ezra hasn't done a thing since 2006, the jerks.)

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