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as for you, Troy Donahue

tee hee hee... talkingpotato and i got to try out our mics on iming, and this is what she wrote about my voice:

"I tested it on aubkabob, who I must say has such a sweet and friendly speaking voice (you could seriously be a radio DJ!)..."

*blush* izzat cuz i have a face only radio could love?!? *slaps knee* anyhoo, hun, i had fun talking to you!

i went to happy hour for a bit tonight, didn't have anything alcoholic to drink, but ate my weight in chinese - AGAIN (thanks, nikkiegirl for the phrase. i'm stealing it. *zoink*), and after doing a horrid rendition of Dido's "here with me" for the host, i sang "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee".


i get to... i get to ACT during that song... i get to use my many voices. i get to enunciate like Elvis. i get to belt it out like i'm sharing my soul with the world. i saw many eyes roll when they saw the title pop up on the screen, but afterwards, i had a thunderous applause. i had people come up and give me kudos afterwards throughout the rest of the evening i was there.

and that, my friends, is another reason why i wanna be a rockstar when i grow up.

i just, uh, need to know how to take compliments without blushing and mumbling and avoiding eye contact.

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