Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

Bacci is playing her favorite game, which is Slowly Dump Things off the Desk One by One Because it Fascinates Me. I'm beginning to think that she has a personal vendetta against the remote control.

I had planned in calling in one more day, as I'm still not a hunnerd percent. (It took awhile to finish that sentence as Bacci was doing everything in her power to keep me from typing. I finally threw a treat across the room to get her off my lap.) There's plenty of coverage today, and I maybe miss two days a year anymore (excluding the coupla days I missed when I fell at work) so... I don't think it was the flu, but not sure what the hell it was. MASSIVE sinus pressure followed instantly by nausea, rinse, repeat.

Went to bed at 6 pm last night and slept almost solidly until 5 this morning. Makes me wonder how late I would have slept in, had I called out for the day. The downfall is that my right shoulder and lower back hurt.

Ah, well. I have tomorrow off.

Huh. Random string of bank robberies within blocks of my house - Wells Fargo once, IQ twice - in the last week.

How many days left of Bush? Excellent.

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