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oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas treee... *pause* .,... oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...

like anyone knows the words to that song. *scoff*


let's discuss Christmas parties. the 4th or 5th annual (whatever) I.C.E. Gallery Christmas party is tonight, down at Barcelona. I told them earlier i wasn't going, so i won't be performing, but my curiosity is causing me to want to actually go through the ritual of tossing my formal dress on, and, dare i say it??? make up AND contacts? .. to drive all the way out to Scottsdale to try to find where it's at, and show up to deal with most likely the same popularity contest that happened last year...

i heard from a reliable source, that my suspicions of last year's bash were true: the votes WERE rigged so that the people that won were people that were best buds with the vice pres.

they're not even bothering to FEED us this year, just tossing us a few hors d'vores or however the hell you spell it. long toss from the first two i went to, where we rented out the hard rock cafe, had open bar, catered crab legs and other wonderful stuff, and where all the corporate sanctions, for one night, were removed.


course, this year, i don't have to worry about taking an ungrateful, unexcited, unloving boyfriend with me.

biggest reason for going? 1. to see who everyone brings as their 'date' (could the new crush be going? stag as i? *dreams*), and 2. to let everyone know that i'm not always the homely be-goggled un makeupped average person.

tho i kinda still wish i was performing. but that would mean i have to be there by 430.


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