Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

Today, I watched:

- the last half of The People vs. Larry Flynt
- Maxed Out
- Streetcar Named Desire
- Little Nikita
- Sneakers

*re: The Peeps vs. Flynt. I cannot stand Courtney Love. At all. That being said, she was actually somewhat pretty in the movie. She also has very pretty tits. (I was going to say boobies or breasticles or ta tas or some other such thing, but for some reason, it only feels natural telling Courtney Love "You have great tits!")

* re: Maxed Out. This is a documentary on debt in middle class America and the evils of banks and such, released in 2006. I would be very interested to see a remake/update of this in, oh... say a year from now. People's priorities are already in a different mindset.

*re: Streetcar. There are oh so many older movies I have never seen. I'd never seen Brando as anything but old and bloated. Um... hot much? Well, except for the fact that he beat the crap out of anything with a vagina. Watching Blanche freak out reminded me how much I hate drama queens. Aaaah, that's where I know her from: Scarlett O'Hara. I kept thinking of Miss Scarlett while watching her performance, I thought it was the flamboyant flouncing.

*re: Little Nikita. I have heard this movie's name a lot, but had never seen. Now I can say I've seen it. Meh.

*re: Sneakers. Robert Redford. River Phoenix. Madam President. Dan Aykroyd? Unkay. Fun movie, though. Why had I never known it existed?

*re: Gone With the Wind. I rented it from the library on 2 VHS, probably about eight years ago or so, so that I could finally say I'd seen the thing. Accidentally watched the second tape first. Was quite confused as to what was going on, but had one helluva lightbulb go off when I put in the second tape (which was the first tape.)

Welp, time to turn off the FFXII (I got the Zodiak Spear!!) and take a shower under our sucktastic new showerhead. Ugh, I hates it.
Tags: final fantasy, movies

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