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one more post, and it's off to work with ye....

although it DID make me feel good that i was hit on by a not bad looking sober coworker last night at the holiday party within about a half hour of my arrival... ;) my hair was curly, pulled back just-so on the sides in lil sparkly clips.. i had my purplish blue dress on, and my roman bondage sandals... i didn't realize i LOOKED roman and 'classic' or 'vintage' until i had it pointed out to me many times ;) i felt beautiful for the first time in a LONG time. i was dressed classic roman in a crowd where everyone was sporting the 'little black dress' or red sparkly dresses. i stuck out. i had coworkers that never give me the time of day during work go out of there way to tell me that i looked wonderful.

i felt like a princess.

i had people do double takes, used to me being here at work, in frumpy, wrinkled clothes and hair yanked back in a sloppy clip, no make up, glasses... to being dressed like a GIRL, contacts in, make up done...

... and i carried my traditional Batz Maru silver lunch pail as my 'dressy purse'. i use it only for special occasions like that. in fact, when i opened it, i found last year's Christmas party invitation.

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