Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

It's like sweet tea...

ALL sorts of highly irritated that I couldn't fall asleep last night. This is not a "took forever to fall asleep" variety, but "did not fall asleep once".

As of about 1030 am, I'll be up 24 hours.... and at work... with a looming baby shower afterwards.

So very very much to accomplish at work this week, and my very first day back after my weekend, I have THIS.

At least I don't have to work until 11 am tomorrow.


As far as a Mom update... I can't remember what all I have put down in this journal, but she had her tracheostomy last week, followed by a peg a day later. (For those of you not medical knowledge inclined, this is a breathing tube through the neck instead of in the mouth and down the throat, and a tube that goes from her abdomen into her stomach and colon for feeding purposes.) She has been taken completely off of the amnesiac and is waking up quite a bit. We went to see her last night, and she was mouthing words, squeezing hands, offering hugs, nodding yes and no. She still seems quite out of it, but it was SUCH a freaking relief to be able to "talk" to her for the first time in a month. (Tomorrow will be the one month anniversary of her being in the hospital, and April 10th will be one month of being in the ICU.) I so very much cannot wait for her to be able to write. Jess seems much better at discerning what she's mouthing to us. Her facial expressions are hilarious as she responds to us and communicates. I'm quite certain everyone in the ICU hates us, as we visited kind of late (from 945 to 1130 pm) and were beyond noisy. But oh, the excitement!!!

It's still going to be beyond a massively long road to recovery - dealing with atrophy and physical therapy, speach therapy, depression, home belongings, etc. They can't give us an ETA as to when or if she can go home again. One doctor will say six months to a year, another will say never. I guess it all depends upon how much she's willing to work.

She had been slated to be moved to an assisted living care facility in Portland yesterday, but apparently was running a high fever on Sunday, so it's been postponed a couple of days. If I thought it was difficult getting to SW to see her, it's going to be such a massive pain in the ass to get to wherever this place is, about three hours each way public transit. I guess that I'm a bit thankful that she gets to stick around here in town a bit longer so that I can see her more as she's waking up. Judging from some of her facial expressions after us mentioning slight things here and there, it makes us think that it hasn't sunk in that she's been under for a MONTH.


In other news, I think I'm addicted to no bake cookies.
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