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The cute in this SLAYED me.

Went to visit Mom today, had lunch with gaeba.

MOM CAN TALK NOW!! Wowza. She sounds like she's either a hundred and two or that she's just getting over a massive cold, but she can talk. I called to have her talk to Jess!!!.... and got his voice mail. I had him leave a message. I called her sister Roberta!!!!... and got their voice mail and had her leave a message. She was done playing phone games after that.

She told me that she remembers NOTHING of how she ended up in the hospital - it was as if she had gone to sleep at home and woke up in the hospital a month and a half later. She remembers nothing of us rearranging her furniture, getting her dressed, and arguing with her for HOURS before getting her loaded into the back of the ambulance. She's eating!! and drinking, though her trach-lessness didn't last very long and they had to put in another one (though it was smaller and has one of those magical valves that allow people to talk and eat.) She seems 100% lucid, but will randomly throw in curve balls, like "When we lived in Alaska..." "Um, Mom, we've never BEEN to Alaska." "WE HAVE SO."

The doctors say that there is still no specific amount of time that they'll be keeping her at Vibra in Portland, but that if she continues to improve at this rate, she may be moved to an assisted care home within a week or two.

I asked her if she promises to take better care of herself. She seems to want to do ANYTHING to prevent this from happening again.

Thank you again for all your prayers and wonderful thoughts while this has been going on.

The news will NOT shut up about Leverage shooting an episode in Portland.

I'm very sad that I only have three days of vacation left. Feh.

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