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She really wants to inspire other women, and what could be more beautiful than that?

... so, a new Karate Kid with Will Smith's kid and Jackie Chan?
A new Romancing the Stone?
A new The Big Chill?

Apparently, all new ideas have leaked out of the giant holes in Hollywood's head... or something.

Have I mentioned that I hate split days off? I get Sunday/Friday this week, Monday/Friday last week. Bleck.

I also wish my leg muscle would quit twitching, already. Day three!

I got Mr. Wiggles in game last night, as well as became Pencilcup the Noble.

I woke up with this song parading repeatedly through my head:

Must also remember to pay rent today.

Still need to clean the desk.

I hate caffeine headaches.

Nobody wants to interview Bones, just Kirk and Spock. Elitism.

Bored now.
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