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Squatting in Waverly Hills...

je_reviens interviewed me ages ago... (*cough* 2006 *ahem*) so here are the questions/answers:

1) if you have a significant other, what is the thing that he/she does that makes you see red? if not, name a huge pet peeve of yours.
No significant other - in fact, I seem to have a two month curse when it comes to dating, so I haven't really been with anyone long enough to notice such things. HUGE silly pet peeve of mine is people who text/write and don't spell out words, i.e. ur for you're or your, 2 for to, etc. I also have this weeeeeird anger against scotch tape left randomly on stuff. I spend entirely too much time at work picking the stuff off of shelves and poles.

2) have you ever gotten fired from a job? what happened?
I've actually been fired from several. Wal*Mart I totally deserved, as I wrote my own schedule for two and a half MONTHS before they finally fired me. I lost a job in property management twice because I was a scape goat for people higher than me and was way too meek to stand up for myself. (I will NOT allow that to happen again.) I quit the job at the law firm shortly before I was fired by one of the partners. Because it was the third job in a stinking year I was getting forced from, I started really second-guessing myself and wondering what the hell I was doing wrong. The day that the partner gave me an idiotic ultimatum (he was bi-polar and not on meds, btw), every single coworker that was not a lawyer drug me to lunch and said that if he fired me, they would all walk out. (Half of them did - the other half were fired shortly after me.)

3) are you a neat person or a messy person? why?
I'm quite organized and uncluttered at work, but 180 degrees at home. I tend to get cluttery easily, and keep meaning to throw out 80% of what I own (well, donate) because I obviously don't NEED it. (Leaving Phoenix in such a short time with only what I could fit into my Jeep helped to teach me that.)

4) are you where you thought you would be by now [in life]? why or why not?
Oh, certainly not. I had figured that I would be a skinny, beautiful, talented rock star, or possibly a skinny, beautiful success in the business world. I have since decided that I do not want to be a part of the rockstar scene and hate desk jobs. I also had a plan of being married at 25 and having babies by 30. I know now that if I ever DO get married (gigantic "if"), it will be in a very non traditional relationship. I'm an oddball, afterall. The mommy thing also isn't for me. Granted, things change, so who knows?

5) go back in time 20 years. what would you do differently?
Hrm, 20 years would make me 14. I would tell myself to calm the fuck down, everyone else in the school is just as insecure as I am. I was EXTREMELY shy and introverted and did every single thing that I possibly could to disappear. I wish I would have done things that would have been FUN, like drama class, etc.

Any other questions?

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