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She's hiding behind the ottoman, making weird scratchy noises, then staring at me with only one eyeball showing around the bookcase. Anytime I move, she jerks her body so that she can continue to stare at me with only one eyeball. NO BLINKING ALLOWED.

Saw thee most adorable thing on the way to work today. There were two ducks, you see, a boy and a girl ducky, walking up the sidewalk towards me. The sidewalk lines a busy street, and I never see any wildlife ON the sidewalk. These two were walking side by side up the entire length of the sidewalk, as if they were out for a stroll together.

ducks May 4 09

It's darkish because it's 630 am.

Oh! To answer your questions from this post:

jecook - No idea, I loved the creepiness of it all and stoled it from iconomicon.

gautelen - It's the ZOMG factor of it all!

macmanchad - If there is green discharge, yes.

petals_of_blue - Should I, could I be insane? :)

view_from_here - I still have a giant lunch pail full, though I haven't used the stuff in YEARS. Only used it on my feets, though.

w_b_yeats - The area that I'm in now. I've been many places, all over the U.S., and this is the first place that I've ever come that I knew was definitely HOME. I can't imagine ever living anywhere else ever again. Love to visit places, though!

operatic - wooo! Maybe I'll actually SEE you this time!!

njsharkman - You drive a hard bargain, sir. My tastes change so often. Maybe Buffy?

nothinganything - anything under 18.

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