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accomplishments this year:

i'm still alive.
i finally got to join my first band.
i wrote my first song.
i went on only one date.
i had sex once, back in feb, which i immediately regretted.
i kissed a psycho ex police officer for my birthday.
i managed to see just exactly how poor i could become and still retain my car and apartment.
i started rebuilding my credit.
i got to sing on stage. twice. in one weekend.
i forgot the words both times.
i went from a brunette to a red head to a ... black head?!?
i chopped my hair off completely and grew it back.
i put on 30 lbs.
i took off 10 of those lbs.
i got to see my mother for the first time in almost 3 years.
i became more in tune with my spirituality.
i stopped drinking.
i stopped eating sugar. again.
i grew as a person and matured as an individual, on many levels.
i started to like country music.
compared to last year's FOUR, this year, i had NO sinus infections, thanks to surgery.
i had a very serious cancer scare.
i had a very serious bout with some serious depression.
i seriously contemplated suicide.
i came to peace with myself for the first time in my life.
i lost some friends, and gained some wonderful new ones.
i've gotten to a place where i can look behind at what i was, and look forward to what i can become.
i am still alive.

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