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1st try.



Stoled it from gldngrrl.

Second consecutive day off... maybe I'll accomplish something today? WoW servers are down, so I won't be messing with that for a few more hours at least. I still feel weird, unfocused, restless, and... something intangible today.

Maybe more coffee will help.

Bacci is still driving me NUTS as far as her suddenly weird demands. She gets super duper clingy and unhelpful for a bit (i.e. stomping on my keyboard, blocking half my keyboard, etc.) and then will disappear for a few hours as she heads upstairs to sleep on my bed.

I thought there was a car alarm incessantly going off outside. I poked my head out the door to see where it's coming from and see two people across the way standing out front looking to their left at a person who is sitting in a car laying on the horn. Umm.... stop plz thx nao.

HA! Tiny trust.

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