Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

Egads, not quite sure what is UP with me. I haaaaate chick flicks, but I just chose The Holiday and Love, Actually to watch willingly... though I do have to admit liking Love, Actually when I saw it the first time, years ago. I know that I'm perioding soon, but I don't recall bleeding causing me to suddenly turn into such a.... CHICK.

Though it has been a long time since I wore a dress ;) I kinda miss my long black skirt, which I would usually combine with striped socks.

Though I storta stole that idea from faetal. She's so fabulous.

I shall tell you about Creepy Customer, mayhaps. So very awful, following me around the store, TOUCHING ME, telling me that I have such lovely birthing hips, I should have babies and sell them, I would make millions! His wife wanted him to have a threesome with her friend, too, and tried to get him drunk, but he wanted to remember it. Her friend said he had a nice ass, so he turned around and said that his meat was much better! So very many references to his meat and peniseses in general. He started out as a normal customer, if a bit odd. I laughed at his jokes and they became slightly more vulgar with each sentence. I finally finished helping him with what he needed (small loose-leaf paper for a small binder) right as it hit the point where he needed to leave or I needed to call the cops. He even asked if I could help him with something in the office. Alone.


He left by saying he was heading to the particular bank that just happens to be half a block from my house for $5 in quarters.

So. If I magically disappear en route to or from work, he'll be 49 in June, is of Scott and Irish descent, and just bought himself a brand new PT Cruiser for his birthday. Tall, lanky, mustache. Gives women the overwhelming desire to bathe. Cancer survivor, does stand up (according to him) at some place in Portland.

p.s... what happened to nasagrl? :(
Tags: movies, strangers

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