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bacci lap 2

I love the tangle of kitty paws and that it looks like there is no way it could possibly be comfortable... but she's been like that on my lap for about 20 minutes without budging.

I have one mondo caffeine headache.

I woke up naturally at just after 6 am. Upon looking at the clock, I said, "Oh, HELLLL, no" out loud, rolled over, and forced myself to go back to sleep. Dreamed that I had a husband and a daughter that I loved fiercely. I was dying and knew it, but sent my husband and daughter out on some trite errand so that they wouldn't be there to watch me take my final breaths, as I knew they would be painful and I didn't want to put them through that.

Will be taking Roommate Daniel out for lunch today, as it is his birthday. The boys returned from Hawaii last night, one with a sliced open foot (Dan) and one with one helluva farmer's tan/burn (Jess).

Received a notice of entry from the apartment complex, insisting that they are painting our front door today. We must leave the front door open until it dries, you see, so I foresee a future of Bacci in the upstairs bathroom. I also think that it's silly that they insist on painting our front door before they've painted the building. They stopped the painting process halfway through the building next door about two weeks ago, so it's green on its top half. I've also seen what the doors look like after they finish painting the building, which would certainly require yet another painting... maybe it's a mistake. I just don't want them to do this when no one is home, as I don't want to come home to a missing cat and empty shelves where all of our electronics used to be.

I shall end this entry, then, as my headache is making it difficult to string together related sentences.
Tags: apartment, bacci, dreams, roommates

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