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Just got home from seeing Terminator: Salvation.

I'm a huge fan of the Terminator series. Yes, yes, they all have major plot issues and super cheesy moments (read: "hasta la vista, baby") and this flick is no different. A couple of points had me rolling my eyes (i.e. Marcus and John Connor laying on cots across from each other and their idiotic nods to each other and the whole slight plot point leading up to that) and at times I had to force myself to not look TOO deeply into what was going on as it would rip the very foundation of their points apart, and just enjoy the ride.

I had heard in advance that it really wasn't a movie about John Connor, that it was more about Marcus Wright, so I was prepared for that. It was sort of hard to get Kyle Reese pulled apart as his own character at first, as I kept seeing/hearing Yelchin saying "wictor wictor" and "I CAN DO THAT!"

And seriously, how awesome is it for Yelchin to have his first -not one, but TWO- big movies be released within two stinkin weeks of each other? Not only are they movies in beloved franchises, but he also gets to play the role of younger versions two very beloved characters. I'm wondering how this is going to play out over the years. Will it will be something a'la Edward Furlong, where he's The Next Big Thing With a Supposed Great Future and gets bogged down in drugs and bad-boyness? Possibly something somewhat of the Giovani Ribisi situation, where his young face is shoved in to a zillion different shows and movies... and suddenly disappears? Maybe he'll luck out and be something more substantial, someone that gets coveted roles.

Woops, sidetracked.

A couple of the parts creeped the hell out of me, i.e. the 7-11 machine that was grabbing people. (The sound it made chilled me to the very bone.)

Overall, a good flick, as long as you don't think TOO deeply on what is going on. After seeing this, here is how I would rate my top three summer movies:

3. X-Men Origins: Wolverine
2. Terminator: Salvation


... sorry. Something just makes me feel as if I need to type STAR TREK in caps at all time, and tack on something like a "WEE, DOGGY!" at the end.
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