Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

I've had a lifetime of sinus issues. It's been increasingly difficult lately, and I'm constantly sniffing and blowing my nose, for about a month straight. I can tell from the various symptoms that it's allergy related, not an illness - a lifetime of severe allergies and sinus infections and sinusitis and and and... Unfortunately, my sinus illness symptoms have morphed as I've aged. It now greatly involves my ears, which SUCKS. I keep hearing from many people (i.e. the ever lovely a_muse_d) that a neti pot might work for me.

So, I used my neti pot for the first time today...

From everything I've seen, I should be getting a nice, solid stream through my nostril, but the best I can get is a rapidish drip. For those of you bothering to read this that have never done one, it initially feels like when you're in the pool and get water up your nose.. but without pain and without the choking.

It says to not do it within an hour before bed, and I can see why. I did it about four hours ago, and still I will occasionally have a tiny river of water fall out of my nose. (Best not to do it before a social gathering..) Overall, my sinuses feel MUCH better already, though still a bit stuffed up. I got a coupon to mail in for a free squeezy bottle, to sort of pressure rinse the nasal passage, I figure I might try that one, too. After a lifetime of issues, I'll try just about anything.

In other news, because we have free HBO and MAX for the weekend, we also get HBO/MAX OnDemand.

I have sort of discovered "True Blood". :x

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