Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

Whatever on earth brought me to this, you ask? (I knew you would.) I saw Bowser on a TimeLife infomercial, which reminded me of their variety show and watching it with Mom every week. It was a MASSIVE weekly staple in my house. In looking it up, I remembered how heartbreaking Johnny's voice was and how this was about the only song I played repeatedly around the time I was ten and had a record player and the Grease soundtrack.

I remember that Mom had an 8-track with several songs from that era on it, and that "Runaway" was ZOMG MY FAVORITE. That and the Red Riding Hood song. I begged Mom to play the entire thing all the time. I wore the crap out of that one and my Bay City Rollers' Greatest Hits.

I was going to marry the lead singer of The Bay City Rollers, you see, but only as a back up if my first choice of John Schneider fell through. If all childhood memories came true, I would be an only child (eek), my parents would have fallen back in love and remarried (egads, the horror!), I'd be married to Bo Duke and be a bus driver.

If your childhood fancies came true, where would YOU be this day?

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