Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

i got a papercut on my pinky finger, right where the guitar string sits when i'm playing, so a simple little paper cut, horrendous in itself, is now bandaged up and briiight pink (the skin, not the bandage) after playing guitar at practice last night (norsican is our guitarist, but she's out of town, alas...).. so i'm typing with 7 fingers, and doing double duty with my left ring finger. all things considered, i can still type pretty fast.. (on a 'normal' day, i type about 75 wpm) my coworkers, in fact, tease me for typing fast... *shrug*

aaanyhoo, the main reason for this post is to, first of all, thank lines for the wonderful handwritten letter she sent me *grin*... maybe one day i'll get around to writing again, both creatively AND letter-y. (can you tell my coffee hasn't soaked in yet?)

seecondly, the hollyday season is coming up, so i would like to start getting everyone's addresses together for my yearly job of putting those postal workers into overtime...

if you would like a card from me in a month or two or four, email me your address at akeating@icegallery.com and i'll put you in my big honking black book..
Tags: band, music, thanks

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